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rollTogether#20 - Frankfurt am Main/Osthafen, Germany

2014-08-03 47 4,821 Vimeo

rollTogether #20 proudly presented by GRINDHOUSE follow us on twitter: twitter.com/rolltogether join us on facebook: facebook.com/rolltogether Sponsors: Grindhouse, Be-Mag, Razors, Rollerblade, Shima Skate Manufacturing, TheConference, The Blackjack Projekt Subscribe to Be-Mag print on shop.be-mag.com or at the next rollTogether-session. Support the one and only Be-Mag print magazine. Location: Osthafen, Frankfurt am Main(Germany) Music: Starfucker - Slow Down Intro/Outro Music: Smite Production Filmed/Edited: Kai Schmitz Addtitional Footage by: Chris Piotrowicz

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