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HOOKS TO THE LEFT instrumental version

2016-12-25 5 963 Vimeo

HOOKS TO THE LEFT a film by Todd Verow. "A formally rigorous experimental film based (allegedly) on the diary of a gay hustler. A narrator (Michael John Dion) re-enacts the diary over video images shot entirely with a cellphone. On screen the pixels are enormous and only occasionally do the constantly dissolving color fragments coalesce, instead they are rhythmically edited, slowed down or accelerated, sometimes in sync with the narration other times with the brilliant score by Colin Owens pulling the spectator into a singular film experience. The result is a mysterious and fascinating masterwork of no-budget film - and proof that film art has nothing to do with money. " - GOON the magazine for Present Culture BERLIN "Disarming and intensely erotic" - OUTFEST "A mesmerizing experimental narrative" - CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL

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