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Stussy - Raif Adelberg

2011-10-28 162 24,764 Vimeo

Raif Adelberg is based in Vancouver, Canada and has always had a penchant for being ahead of the curve. As one of the most talented and innovative minds in the creative community, he founded Made Magazine, the modern boutique 24, the world renowned luxury store Richard Kidd, Deadboys Clubhouse and his eponymous hand knit cashmere collection Raif Adelberg. Raif has also been nominated as GQ upcoming designer of the year and has been an invaluable contributor to the cultural fabric of Vancouver. For Holiday '11, Raif has taken deadstock hand knit cowichan sweaters and deconstructed them into one of a kind designs. Each sweater has been hand rebuilt by Raif and produced in extremely limited quantities for Stussy. Exclusively available at Stussy Canada, the sweaters will be available at Stussy Vancouver and Stussy Toronto on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. Please visit www.Stussy.com for more details. Click here www.stussy.com/newsletter.php to stay up to date on other Stussy releases.

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