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Incredible 1840-1940 World Stamp Collection!

2012-10-29 193 10 37,419 YouTube

http://www.sandafayre.com - we sell stamps and stamp collections through our weekly stamp auctions; we also offer free stamp collecting resources to help you with your philately! Incredible 1840-1940 World Stamp Collection! Packed to bursting! One huge overfilled album PLUS another binder with the T to Z overflow pages. A huge collection of fine mint and used stamps spanning the 1840 to 1940 issues from every corner of the globe! No duplication, arranged on many hundreds of printed album pages includes GB from 1840 Penny Black, then ranges from Abyssinia, Aden, Afghanistan, Armenia (plenty of the early overprints on Russian issues), Alaouites, Albania, Algeria, Allenstein, Angola, Andorra, Antigua, Argentina (from imperfs, good range of Ministerial opts, etc), Ascension, Australia (many Kangaroos), Austria (from imperfs), Azerbajain (imperfs) & Azores through to Western Australia, White Russia, Wurttemberg, Zambezia & Zanzibar. Vast in it's range and scope we see many strong country / colony collections plus the collector also sought out most of those unusual issues such as Epirus, Central Lithuania, Crete, Eastern Silesia, Fiume, Siberia, Shanghai plus so many other strange little areas, also many French, Italian & Portuguese colonies, German States & post-war zones PLUS SO MUCH MORE. A great fun collection with containing simply too much for us to see but a fraction of the contents - a great opportunity for the knowledgeable buyer! Highly recommended (approx 20,000++ stamps!)

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