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American Police Cars VS German Police Cars

2016-12-17 5,480 1,179 1,071,510 YouTube

Encouraged by the feedback in the earlier uploaded video "American Ambulances VS German Ambulance" I continue with this video, which for sure will again hit someone's soft spot - isn't it always like "the stuff here is always better, by any given aspect, than what you have over there"?! In this video I compare various police cars from the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany: Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Charger, just some few famous names among American Police Cars. The German counterparts are Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 series and Audi A6. However, on both sides you find also less popular and ... to be honest, less representative ones when it comes down to "who has the most badass cars". This video doesn't represent show cars, but the reality! I guess I manged to show both nice as well as not so nice units on both sides. Representing the USA I chose various units, ranging from plain normal patrol cars to special operations and rescue units from the following police departments: - NYPD / New York City Police Department - NYPD Traffic / New York City Police Department Traffic Enforcement - NYC DHS Police / New York City Department of Homeless Services Police - MTA Police / Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police - PAPD / Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department - APD / Amtrak Police Department - NYCD / New York City Department of Correction - NYSP / NY State Trooper / New York State Police - FBI / Federal Bureau of Investigation - FPS Police / Federal Protective Service Police - USMS / United States Marshals Service - USSS / United States Secret Service - USAR MP / Military Police Unfortunately I couldn't get videos of all police units and services I saw during my stay in the USA. I shot some photos of e.g. Postal Police and Hospital Police HHCPD as well. Representing Germany I chose a similar range of police units from the following services, departments and agencies: - Bavarian State Police - Bavarian State Riot Police - Bavarian State Police, Highway Patrol - Bavarian State SWAT Team - The Police Chief of Berlin / Berlin City-State Police - Hamburg City-State Police - Hamburg City-State Riot Police - Schleswig-Holstein State Riot Police - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Police - Hesse State Police - Hesse State Riot Police - Frankfurt City Police - Saxony State Police - Lower Saxony State Police - Baden-Wuerttemberg State Police - Thuringia State Riot Police - North Rhine-Westphalia State Riot Police - Hamburg City-State Police - Hamburg City-State Riot Police - Federal Police - Federal Customs SWAT Team / Customs Observation Team - Military Police German Armed Forces Before anyone tries to attact me as if I'd create a biased video: I tried to make both segments equally long and I also tried to cover an as wide range of vehicles as it's possible. Please accept that I have a rather limited range of police services I can cover for the American part: I don't steal videos from other users, I only use my own videos!

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