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Who Is Celine Dion's Handsome Mystery Man?

2019-03-23 1,510 193 369,871 YouTube

Legendary singer Céline Dion experienced heartbreak when her husband and manager, René Angélil, died in 2016. As Dion learns to live and work without his guidance, she's apparently found some good company. A mysterious younger man has been by her side. Here's everything we know about Pepe Muñoz. Though his Instagram account is jam-packed with his dazzling fashion illustrations, Pepe Muñoz reportedly didn't start drawing until 2015, after the death of his grandfather. And that isn't his only talent. At the age of 19, he was showcasing his skills as a dancer while performing on the streets of Madrid for tips. During one of his sidewalk performances, he came in contact with an agent who immediately signed him to appear in the Spanish production of the Broadway musical Cats. From that day forward, he built a solid career as a professional dancer, and his seductive moves earned him a spot on Céline Dion's tour. Watch the video to learn Who Is Celine Dion's Handsome Mystery Man. #CelineDion #MyHeartWillGoOn #PepeMunoz A sidewalk in Madrid | 0:17 Freaking out | 0:51 'Best friends' who love PDA | 1:14 Pepe to the rescue! | 1:43 A shoulder to cry on | 2:10 Fitness and fashion guru | 2:30 The kids approve | 3:22 The rumors are hilarious! | 3:45

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