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Limburger Dom: Bells of the cathedral chime at noon.

2008-12-11 22 0 15,311 YouTube

Help get us over 10000 hits, please! High Quality audio: http://www.gloria.tv/?media=23165 Listen to the bells chiming at the Limburg cathedral in Germany at noon. It is common that church bells ring for several minutes at noon beside the hourly chime. The cathedral in Limburg is well-known because it used to be depicted on the backside of the 1000 German Mark bill (Tausendmarkschein). It is truly a sacred destination close to Autobahn A3 north of Frankfurt. If you want to listen to a high quality mp3 audio recording (recorded with Zoom H2) of the chime, please click here: http://www.gloria.tv/?media=23165 More information about this cathedral can be found here: http://www.limburgerdom.de/ If you enjoy this video, please like, comment or share it!

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